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Lemonade anyone?

How many times have you heard the cliche..."when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?" Chances are you have heard it so many times, that you have never really thought about it. Sure, it's easy to see that it means make good things out of bad things, but it certainly doesn't tell you how. And if we are being honest, how often do we really think about HOW to do it? We know we should, but most of us are comfortable complaining about the lemons.

Being able to complain about our "lemons" in life gives us an excuse to not be better or do better than we are in the moment. I am certainly guilty of not addressing the weight I should be working to lose because "the kids keep me so busy I don't have any time for myself." It's much easier to complain about my lack of time than it is to work on the issue. And even better, it makes me feel like others around me have a logical explanation for my extra 30 lbs. These two things allow me to keep embracing the lemon, my lack of time to myself in these situations. I have claimed this as a "lemon" for so long, that I have started to believe it really is getting in the way of progress. The reality is, I am getting in the way of progress, of making lemonade.

I recently decided it was time to stop claiming "lemons" in my life. I wanted to know how to make lemonade. It's not rocket-science, but it's not easy either because I have to learn how to change behaviors that I have accepted (or excused) as normal. I had to make the conscious decision that I would no longer sit in my car and wait while my daughter was at soccer practice. This is quality time for me that I can embrace and do something with. How can I say I have no time for me when I am sitting in the car for 90 minutes 4 times a week? Now, I keep sneakers and a book in the car and I do one or the other. I have taken the "I have no time for me" lemon and made lemonade by attacking two of my goals, reading more and walking a few times a week. Interestingly, it feels nice to not claim lemons anymore. Put some thought into how to make your lemonade today.

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